Hi Team
It was awesome to have some of that GS magic back in action …. Jalan2 Wednesday, ceremonies across the school, Marimba, school lunch, and so much more. This week felt more like pre-CoVid (except for the CoVid). Thank you to everyone for creating the awesome learning experiences that nourishe our learners and our community.

We are still moving through challenging times. We have approx 200-210 students coming to campus, getting some requests for deferrals (to Term 2 and Semester 2), delivering DL to up to 100 students out of Indonesia, pivoting to full DL (big gratitude to the Kindy and Gr 5 teams for all their extra hard work), and dealing with other contact-tracing/close contact situations.

What’s on NEXT WEEK:
Monday 6 September: LN Meetings .
It is also ‘International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

Tuesday 7 September: ‘Being a Teacher/Staff Parent’ workshop (run by Pak Thabo); 3:30pm in the Sangkep. Optional.
Thursday 9 September – Kamis Manis (Faculty Gratitude) in Sangkep at 7:50 – 8am.
Ibu StephD has asked me to pass on an opportunity to connect with a HS class and their ‘Zero Waste Challenge’. Please take a look at the attached resource.
Next week, Ibu Kate and the Community Team are releasing a new improved ‘Parent Blog’ (that was always more than a blog) – called the Community Hub. It will be a platform for all whole-community events and resources. Check out the Newsletter for more info.

If you are interested in connecting your learning programs with some of our ‘sustainability projects/initiatives’ on campus, check out the ‘Our Campus Classroom – Sustainable Solutions’ resource attached. Ibu Kate is very happy to connect teachers and students with people on campus to help add ‘sustainable solutions’ options to your learning programs.

PLEASE SEND ANY INFORMATION YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO INCLUDE AND SHARE (during the week – for next week’s ‘Week Ahead’).

Only at Green School’ Photo(s):
Pak Lo looked great Thursday morning.

Lo and Esther.jpeg

Here’s (genus Batocera) looking at you, Pak Olly …

IMG_20210902_193950 (1).jpg

20210902_140003 (1).jpg
And MS got the prize for best shoe-racking (I’m going to send this Shoe-Rack Kyle King)


Student Quote of the Week:
“The best thing about Green School is Jalan-Jalan”

Something cool to watch:
Ibu Russlee shared this Ted talk with me recently – and, it’s aligned with Ibu Rachael’s admiration and gratitude for the EY team and program (at Kamis Manis). Our EY program is unique and special – and a lot of what this presentation speaks to is embedded in our EY philosophy and practice.


Thanks for an awesome week.

Have a great weekend.

Damai dan cinta

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