Latest on Green School Bali Trustee membership, Head of Campus search and more

As the highest authority in the School, the Trustees meet quarterly and from time to time, send updates to the community. A recent update was shared in the Weekly Newsletter. In case you missed it, these are kept in a central repository on the Blog HERE. (passcode:GSimpact2020)

An important piece in their most recent note was an update of the selection of a new Head of Campus. This role is an evolution of the Managing Director role which Derek so helpfully and effectively is fulfilling now. The Board will play a role in the selection process, which is hoped to be finalised by the end of February. The Trustees have assured that if the right candidate is not found through this process, we will not move forward with filling the role for the time being.

The Trustees also advised that GS Alumnus, Gede Witsen (Class of 2018) has been invited and has accepted a position as a Trustee team member.

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