Staff & Faculty Only Fundraising Contest


Support the Educating Changemakers Campaign (our campaign to fundraise for the Local Scholars Program) and join the fundraiser’s contest. Be the top three to raise the most amongst GS Staff & Faculty by November 15th and you will win exciting prizes.


  • Visit our campaign page, click “JOIN” and be part of our team as a fundraiser.

  • Sign up or login using your Facebook or Gmail account.

  • Share the link of your campaign page to your network! Some fun ideas to get you started: Have a bake sale, host a dinner with your friends, create your own fundraising event, or simply get your friends to donate through your campaign page to support the Balinese changemakers.


How do you win? Become the top 3 fundraisers (amongst GS staff/faculty members) by November 15th, and win a 3D2N stay at Hotel Indigo Seminyak, Holiday Inn Resort Baruna, or one ticket to the IGNITE fundraising gala.


Become a fundraiser and help support our local changemakers, today! Got questions? Drop us a note on

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