What is your full name?

Ni Made Wartini..


Where is the name ‘Ana’ came from?

Actually, my daughter named Ana, and when I first came here they call me Ana(‘s) mom (translated as Ibu Ana) then my name became Ibu Ana. I understand, even sometimes HR is confused.


How long have you been part of the Green School Community?

12 years or more, at first I came here as a gardener before the school was built. Then when they started to build the school I requested to help in housekeeping. 


Where do you like to hang out around the campus?

I like to stay at HOS and around to make sure everything is clean.


What is your best experience at Green School?

Everything at Green School is FUN! That makes me staying for 12 years.


What is your favourite colour?

I like Green.. Or red with flower


One word for Green School


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