Did you notice the “Word of the Day” board at the heart of school? It’s there to help you expand your Balinese and Indonesian vocabulary. Here is the word list in the past few weeks. Cover the English translation and see how many words you can remember. 

Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Bali English 
Ketua pemuda Youth leader
Ibu pertiwi gumi Mother earth 
guru guru teacher
air yeh water
kepunahan extinction
menghormati respect
lucu baud/banyol funny
berdoa mebakti to pray
teduh tis shady
berkelanjutan sustainable 
sungai tukad river
belajar melajah learn
kelapa nyuh coconut
matahari surya sun
kebun abian garden
hijau hijau green
tumbuh mentik to grow

– Pak Soma

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