You’re feeling zen and ready to breathe through a yoga class with your students… surprise, surprise, the yoga studio is double-booked!

You loan a student your charger/adaptor/pencil, and never see it again.

You forget to collect your water bottle from the gym, and never see it again.

You have a big night out and find your venue of choice has been over-run by High School students.

A pre-emptive lice treatment is part of your weekly beauty schedule.

You think you’re getting away from it all to the Gili Islands, only to find half the GS community there vacationing with you – Doh!

Hit us up with your best “You Know You’re a GS Teacher When” and stand a chance to win a 100,000 RP Freak Coffee Voucher.
Email with your funniest responses by February 14, 2020. 

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