Semester Two check-in

The Board of Learners is now five months old and is a representative group, striving to reflect the needs of our community and support the mission of the School. Our focus is on the more medium-term challenges and opportunities for our School. This includes school policies, recommendations to the Trustees on overall staffing and organisational structures, senior hiring decisions, budget allocations, operational priorities and campus issues. An article in next week’s Newsletter talks more about what the Board is currently focused on.

On the request of Peter Phillips (your representative on the Board), Board members will be fronting up to LN meetings over the coming weeks – to share with you and answer questions on the spot. Peter also brought forward a list of items teachers would like clarity on. This includes pay scales, housing allowances, Scholarships/tuition benefit for teachers, maternity leave and childcare. We will answer all these items in a separate note. If you want more details on the role and membership of the Board, or review minutes of meetings, please find this on the Green School Bali School Blog HERE

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