Are you a Blogger or Tweeter?

Do you love to tweet or instagram? We would love to hear from you. Green School Bali would like to hear more of our faculty voice! We are looking for faculty who would like to manage a special faculty twitter account on behalf of the school. We will show you the ropes, set up the special account and give some useful tips and tricks on managing this. All you need to do is be the storyteller and share your journey on twitter. Interested? Drop us a note at or

Motivational Monday Quotes
What is your favourite motivational quote and why? Some of us have chosen our favourite motivation quotes on our email signature, and we would love to share these with stories on WHY you choose this as part of our #motivationalmondays campaigns on social media. There are many inspirational quotes but we would love to hear from you, what is
a) your favourite motivational quote and why. OR
b) your own motivational quote
If you are interested in being featured, then please drop us an email at

Marketing & Communications Team

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