Summaries of Benefits and positions advertised

The key pieces of information on salaries and benefits for expat staff for the year ahead –  or two years ahead for those who may sign onto a two year contract – are being generated as we speak. Continuing staff will get these next week. Across the board increases to salary, housing allowance, and any other changes will be detailed in the summary, as well as an update on your current savings balance in your BPJS account. Signing onto the Summary of Benefits will then trigger the provision of your contract and we are hoping to be  all locked and loaded for next year (apologies for the firearm analogy) by end of February 

For continuing Indonesian faculty, you will automatically receive a salary adjustment, and we are awaiting final information on the exact amount of the increase.  We are excited to announce a new annual, per person, technology allowance for all Indonesian Faculty! So keep your eyes peeled for further details when it is all finalised.

Positions Advertised

We are so pleased at the high retention rate for next year!  Thank you all for your commitment! Because of you, we are not hiring many positions for next year, but we thought you might be curious to know what positions we are seeking to fill for next school year. In case you are not a regular visitor to our website, we are advertising the following on our Join Our Team Page:

  • High School Learning Support – HS Pathways Post-graduation coordinator
  • Middle School Thematics – Middle School PE/Drama – 
  • MS Counselor – Primary Homeroom – Primary Learning Support – Lower School Counselor
  • Early Years Teacher

Feel free to share with your network. Internal applicants welcome also, but these are roles  assessed as needing an outside pool to find the right experience or additional expertise. We may soon advertise a position or two internally (only). We think we have the right people for these within the school. Keep an eye out for more soon. 

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