Staff & Faculty Roll Out Starts Now

Further to the email sent to all Faculty & Staff on January 31, 2020 regarding this. Please be informed that our new cashless apps. will be implemented by this week 3 Feb 2020. Ibu Yonie from Finance and Pak Wirya came to share their update at the Faculty Gratitude on Friday and there were some great questions.

PS: Please also be informed that all the Ibu’s in the Service Centre are adopting a new style with their (on trend) haircuts 🙂

Please see an information sheet below with instructions and some Q&A’s below.



Q&A on the new Green School Bali Cashless App System

How do I download the Green School Cashless App?
Please follow the instructions in the graphic to download the app to your mobile phone.

Can you still use your Cashless Card?
No. Cashless cards will be inactivated for faculty and staff as of January 31, 2020. All positive balances will be transferred to the cashless app.

What if I have a negative balance on my cashless card?
Negative balances on your cashless card cannot be transferred to the new cashless app. These should be settled by no later than May 31, 2020 or these will be deducted from payroll by June 2020.

What about a positive balance on my cashless card? Will I be refunded?
As highlighted above all positive balances will be transferred to your new cashless app.

How do I top up my cashless app?
As per your cashless card, you may top up your cashless app by bringing your phone to Shanti house. You can top up using cash or credit/debit card.

1.You can also top up using the mobile apps online. Here is the link to show how to using the mobile apps online
Cost of Online top up:

  • Transfer online – Rp 5000 per transaction
  • Credit Card Online – Rp 4000+3% per transaction

2. Top up by Cash or CC at Shanti office (No charge)

3. Other information, please click below link:


What if I forget my phone? Can I still use my cashless app?
To use your cashless app at vendors, you still may use your email address to access your account at vendors at the lunch table.

Got other questions? You may contact us at or you can visit our our team at Shanti house, the entrance gate in the morning, or at the lunch station  until February 5, 2020.

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