The Board comprises of 11 people from across our community. Peter Philips is your teacher representative, joining Sal, Kate, Derek and Darwi as well as two students and 4 parents. You can see the full membership and minutes of meetings on the Blog HERE. (passcode: GSimpact2020)

In a recent joint meeting with the Trustees, the Board led a workshop on the subject of growth. This was productive and helpful in reaching agreement on two main points:

  1. Growth requires investment and planning. Resourcing, retention, culture and community were all discussed, along with physical facilities. Agreement was achieved on the central premise that investment should take place ahead of growth in student numbers.
  2. In the context of the growing global network of Green Schools, GS Bali should be honoured and make the most of its place as the founding school. Agreement was reached that this is the centre of deep practice, expertise and innovation. Maximising the Green Educator Course and the GS Education Symposium next year are two ways we can benefit from this positioning. Being a place for learning for all Schools in the network and beyond, as a centre of excellence in learning for sustainability, is also an opportunity to grow in impact and financially.     

The Board was very happy with the agreements and alignment achieved with the Trustees. We will keep you updated as this work progresses.

Kate and Derek

Co-Chairs, Green School Board of Learners

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