Q: Hi Ibu apa kabar?

A: Baik – baik


Q: let’s start the interview shall we?

A: Yes sure.. I’m ready


Q: How long have you been working here?

A: Around 10 years, previously I don’t work here at Green School, before I was at PT Bamboo then I moved here to Green School 


Q: Ok, 1 generic question that I always ask. What is your name? We mean real name.

A: My real name is Sudaryani.. Hahahhahaha… Restu is my son, so I’m called after my son’s name just like Mia and Anna. hahahha 


Q: So what is your son’s name?

A: Putu Restu Dutama Hottama which means ‘Restu yang paling hutama’. I have 2 children, the first one is restu and the 2nd child name Dita


Q: What do you love the most about Green School

A: The nature, and it’s fresh air. I also loved to interact with the students as I can learn more English language and improve myself.


Q: What is your funny moment here at Green School?

A: One day there was a student came here and he would like to top up his credit, and our students speaks very fast so sometimes I couldn’t hear it properly. When I asked him his name, I heard that he said “Limousine” , I tried to search for that name in the system and I cannot find it I asked  the other Ibu – Ibu and they said they don’t know either. Then we find out that his name is Louis Maschine (?) that moment was so funny. 


Q: Thank you for your time

A: Thank you for having me

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