The idea of a teacher Greenstone event has been on the cards for a long time and coming this December, we are going to give it a run. ‘The Spark’ will be an inaugural ‘sampler’ or mini-event with the idea that this will build iteratively if this is something you find valuable. We are on the scout for 4-6 teachers who want to share and shine at our first go! 


Talks can be on any topic, but with some connection to education. It can be on a project or initiative, your experience and perspective on an interesting/hot topic or a personal story/insight.


Think TED talk style – 12-15 mins, fairly well polished, presented in the Sangkep to our community, filmed and published (Greenstone style). Sophie will email a form for you to express interest. Support to polish your talk will be provided. 


For more information please send us an email to




💚 People and Community Team.

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