Pak Sal sent out the request for Teacher’s Intention to Continue, as we are already thinking about next year. The leadership is working hard to create more efficient processes and stronger commitments to our Faculty, and your clarity of intentions will help us tremendously to examine our need and create an organized path to determining and filling positions.  Furthermore, we are pleased to be focusing on our commitments to you which are broadly :

Possible two-year ‘Letter of Commitment’, to provide increased certainty;

– A review and increase of allowance for costs of visa runs;

– A commitment to a base salary increase of 3% (inflation adjustment); and

– Confirmation that the learning leadership team (Sal, Russlee, Kris, Nicola and Kyle) will remain unchanged.



Letter of Intention to Continue


Thank you for all you do and for your thoughtful and timely attention to this important item. 

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