We are the People and Community Group and we are all about the grown-ups of the Green School community.


Amongst our bundle of responsibilities is whole of school people management strategy and policy, recruitment strategy, on-boarding of staff, orientation for new parents, professional development of our staff, parent learning/collaborations/participation. We manage the Green Educator Course and The Bridge co-learning and co-working space. We also hold precious the traditions, events, celebrations and what we like to call the ‘artefacts’ of Green School.


The line-up of this team includes Kaycee Odom, Desy Octavia, Tya Pramatatya, Sophie Daubisse, Ugi Pratiwi, Sheila Noor and Carol Da Riva. Kate Druhan has the privilege of supporting this team as Head of People and Community.


We will be sharing more with you over the coming weeks as we build-out the School’s people management toolkit and finalise PD priorities and processes for the year.


You can find us in The Hive, the new teacher co-working space near the art studio on the ground floor of Heart of School. This space is for you, so feel free to use it. Another busy bee in The Hive is our Ibu Emily – co-located with the team to support a strong link between curriculum development and PD.



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