Last Thursday’s edition of Thrilling Thursdays Open Mic during lunch in the Heart of School had a twist in the otherwise usually fairytale-cute primary karaoke line up. For the first time ever, Primary school kids were seen moshing with the style and grace of seasoned metalheads to Slipknot’s “Duality” at the close of the show, to thunderous head-banging applause from fellow-students, staff and teachers alike coming out of their hiding places to reminisce vicariously! Thrilling Thursdays may now have organically grown itself a closing ritual to be repeated every single time. Come and suggest something epic or just show up and try not to do a demonic hand signal if there’s a little part of you that loves the noise and the dark! Special thanks and love go out to our regular fans! We could not have anticipated or hoped for this show of diversity and such a healthy lesson from our younger community members on how to let go of expectations and inhibitions! Culture eats strategy for breakfast! Rock on!

Francis Mollet

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