Hi All,

I hope you’ve recharged for the final push to the summit of a spectacular Semester One. It’s not always easy in the Sibang jungle, but its almost always worth it! We saw our community head out all over Bali, Singapore, Irian Jaya, Poland and spread our influence all over the world. Well done, everybody! Thanks so much for the love, care and passion you bring to the school.
A quick reminder that construction has begun on the gym, so we won’t have it until we return when it will be equipped with a sweet floor and some new tweaks.
Here’s a peek a short week….
  • International hug a kitchen staff day
  • HS irespect pizza lunch in Einstein
  • International hug a security guard day.
Thursday – Last day of the Term!  1/2 Day! 
  • 11:00 – All school assembly
  • 11:30 – Students dismissed
  • 12:15 – Faculty lunch. Followed by a party, elf outing, laughs, hugs and well-wishes
  • International hug a housekeeping staff day
On the horizon:
  • Time with family and friends
  • Long night’s sleeps
  • Adventures
  • Pleasure reading
  • Lazy Days
  • Re-charging
  • 99% less emailing
  • 2019!
Keep it tight! Take it light!
All my best,
Pak G

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